I looked for Population pyramid charts for individual states online, to explore the inter-state variation in distributions of age and sex distributions, but couldn’t find any. I was able to find the 2011 Census data at data.gov.in, and so, I started working on making some the population pyramid charts myself.

Source Code

The data, code and the generated images are available at github.com/sainathadapa/population-pyramid-states-india. Please feel free to create an issue at the github repo or comment here if any part of the code is unclear.

Population Pyramid charts

While creating the charts, I remembered reading about the questionable utility of population distribution charts before, and after a little bit of searching, found this post by Randal Olson. I created the standard pyramid chart for each state, and also a couple of charts described in the Randal Olson’s post.

Here are the Population distribution charts for the state of Andhra Pradesh (including Telangana):

Andhra Pradesh - 1 Andhra Pradesh - 2 Andhra Pradesh - 3

You can find the graphs for all the states and union territories here.

Population distribution charts for all the states, sorted by mean age:

This chart can be helpful in understanding the variation in age mix between different states. all-states-pop-distr

Another chart, this time with traditional population pyramids: all-states-pop-distr2

Chart to understand the variation in sex ratio among different age groups and states


Post updated on 2018-05-08